• Welcome
  • License Agreement
  • Requirements Check
  • Database Configuration
  • Table Creation
  • Data Insertion
  • Theme Installation
  • Board Configuration
  • Administrator User
  • Finish Setup


Welcome to the installation wizard for MyBB 1.8.33. This wizard will install and configure a copy of MyBB on your server.

Now that you've uploaded the MyBB files the database and settings need to be created and imported. Below is an outline of what is going to be completed during installation.

  • MyBB requirements checked
  • Configuration of database engine
  • Creation of database tables
  • Default data inserted
  • Default themes and templates imported
  • Creation of an administrator account to manage your board
  • Basic board settings configured

After each step has successfully been completed, click Next to move on to the next step.

Click "Next" to view the MyBB license agreement.

(What information is sent?)